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Our goal is to develop a system to increase the Egyptian exports of construction materials, minerals and refractories. The past years have witnessed a great development in the exports of all sectors of the Council and we are working on the development of these exports through professional and technical support for all sectors and in collaboration with the program of modernization of industries and with the Export Development Fund through the Subsidy programs  for exporters, which would encourage and increase the exports.

Japan External Trade Organization

JETRO, or Japan External Trade Organization is a Japanese governmental organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the world. JETRO Cairo has been operating for more than 50 years to enhance the bilateral relationship between Egypt and Japan.

Chamber Of Engineering Industries
Camera Di Commercio Italiana Per L'Egitto

​ تمثيل مصالح الأعضاء أمام الجهات الحكومية و التشريعية و المنظمات المحلية و الدولية و إعلاميا
 المشاركة في وضع السياسات والتشريعات التي تهدف إلي تحسبن الصناعة
 متابعة مصالح الأعضاء و توفير الحلول المناسبة للمشاكل التي تواجه نشاطهم

. المساهمة في تطوير الصناعة و تنمية قدرتها التكنولوجية و تطبيق معايير الجودة الشاملة
. تطوير العمالة المصرية وتوفير فرص التدريـــب لها
. رعاية ومساندة المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة ونشر ثقافة العمل الحر لتنمية هذا القطاع

​The Italian Chamber of Commerce-Egypt (CCI-Egypt) was established in 1927 in consistence with the Italian Ministerial decree No. 1573 of the 13th of October 1918. The final approval of recognition as an Italian Chamber of Commerce abroad was on the 6th of October 1972 according to the Italian Law No. 518 of July the 1st 1970.

CCI-Egypt is a private and nonprofit organization. It represents a lobby of Egyptian and Italian businessmen interested to exchange different forms of cooperation between Egypt and Italy.

Chamber Of Building Materials Industries

The Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) is one of the country’s largest employers’ associations, with 20 industrial chambers as members, representing over 60,000 industrial enterprises out of which more than 90% belong to the private sector; accounting for more than 7 million workers and 20% of the national economy.

Since its inception The Federation of Egyptian Industries [FEI] has been carrying out its responsibilities towards defending and supporting Egyptian industries, firmly believing in the industry as the pillar of the sustainable development of the country and as the tool to alleviate poverty and attain prosperity.

Federation Of Egyptian Industries

​the Voice of Industry in Egypt, FEI strives to drive industrial economic growth domestically, regionally and globally employing an independent proactive, sustainable and integrated approach to competitiveness and integrity while maintaining the needs and interests of all stakeholders. FEI will continue to develop value programs, quality services and persistent advocacy efforts aiming at uplifting the performance of the industrial sector, and proactively tackle its problems in order to develop and promote the economic well-being of its members. The improved competitiveness of members’ enterprises, their welfare, success and well-protected rights would lead to the significant economic progress of the nation.

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