Need A Visa?

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All visitors need a valid entry visa to Egypt. - Exhibitors need to obtain a business visa before traveling to Egypt, the organizers will assist to obtain the visas.  The organizers will assist to obtain business visas for all exhibitors. However, visas are granted at the discretion of the Egyptian authorities, and assistance is given on the understanding that the organizers cannot be held responsible if the visa application was unsuccessful.

Visas are required from everyone with the exception of travelers holding the Egyptian passport.


Visas can be obtained through the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt. In countries with no Egyptian diplomatic representation, exhibitors should contact the organizers.

Current Government regulations for obtaining an Egyptian Business visa for participants at trade shows are as follows:

  • Must complete the “Visa” form, and fax it to the organizers, Before completing the “Visa” form, please make sure to read the visa instructions on the back of the “Visa” form.

  • Participants will apply for their Entry Visas at The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt or consulates in their respective countries, including the approval reference number in their visa application. Please Check with The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt for requirements.

  • Exhibitors should apply for their visa at least 3 weeks prior to traveling to Egypt.

  • The organizers cannot be held responsible for any exhibitor who fails to obtain his visa in time for the show.


Traveling Restrictions

Passengers who do not have a valid vaccination certificate need to take a COVID-19 PCR test before flying to Egypt. A printed negative test result certficate is required to enter the country.
To be considered valid to travel to Egypt, the test result certficate must be issued:
      • By an approved laboratory • In Arabic or English
      • No more than 72 hours before arrival • With a QR code

Passengers arriving from Canada, China, Frankfurt, Japan, London Heathrow, Paris Thailand, North America, or South America can enter with a test taken up to 96 hours before departure. This is due to the long travel and transit times involved.

Passengers under the age of 12 are exempt from the test requirement. COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate to Travel to Egypt.
Passengers do not have to have a COVID-19 test to travel to Egypt if they are fully vaccinated. A vaccination certificate showing the full course was completed at least 14 days before arrival is required.
The approved COVID-19 vaccines to travel to Egypt are:

• AstraZeneca                        • Janssen                       • Moderna                          • Pfizer-BioNTech
• Sinopharm • Sinovac         • Sputnik V

Travelers arriving from countries of variant concern may be subject to a COVID-19 test on arrival in Egypt, even if fully vaccinated.