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Meet the right customers and partners from across the region to help drive your businesses to the top of the ranks of the construction industry as you nurture key relationships in the industry and grow new ones.

In just a few days, you can conclude several months of customer interactions.

Meet the right customers and partners

Seize peerless networking opportunities

Get the maximum benefit with our Integrated Features The Business Club, mutually matched pre scheduled meeting with our distinguished buyers and much more.

Showcase technologies and trends

Showcase your latest innovations and techniques to architectural industries. Groundbreaking advances and revolutionary projects are at your hands. This is where concrete solutions are presented for forward-looking ideas such as dealing with global ecological challenges or the digital future, etc.

International and national leaders with vast professional experience come to share their knowledge. Think “out of the box”, and search for interests and cultural perspectives offered on a global stage for debate and the exchange of ideas. We will be there to emphasize quality and excellence.



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